Published July 19, 2019

The summer of 1969 was one of my most memorable. I’m on summer #63 now, so that’s a lot of summers to choose …
Published April 8, 2019

Workers in corporate America are paranoid. A recent study found they work an average of 23 extra hours a month – most often …
Published March 2, 2019

I just
learned that Walmart is eliminating the “greeter” at its stores. While this may
not rank up there with the death of …
Published February 1, 2019

I’ve seen several articles lately on open offices. They cite the same Harvard study I cite in Corporate Crap that dispels the notion …
Published January 28, 2019

When I
published my first book – NOW They Make
it Legal: Reflections of an Aging Baby Boomer – the publisher created a
Published January 18, 2019

advantage of working at home is not having to commute to work in the snow. I’ve
had jobs where it would take …