Social distancing should make life easier for Mike Pence

Published April 8, 2020

My dictionary didn’t have it, but Wikipedia did — Gynophobia: an abnormal fear of women, a type of social phobia.

For those who don’t know, Vice President Mike Pence has a policy of never dining alone with a woman other than his wife and will not attend events that serve alcohol unless his wife is with him. I’ve always found this weird. Does he not trust himself around other women? Is he afraid of how it would look lest someone get the wrong idea? Is his wife the jealous type?

It is interesting that both the president and vice president seem to have unhealthy attitudes toward women, yet at opposite ends of the spectrum. Trump has admitted he has trouble keeping his hands off them if he finds them attractive, while Pence seems deathly afraid of them.

I’m sure Pence considers his policy virtuous in some way, reflecting some high moral ground or respect for his wife. But it also seems impractical for someone in his position. How ironclad is this policy? Does he ever make exceptions?

Fortunately for Pence, the coronavirus should help. Social distancing dictates that people stay away from each other. This should make life a little easier for Pence. I still think it’s weird.