Wish I hadn’t sold all my used books!

Published April 6, 2020

Last year, as my wife and I were shedding belongings in anticipation of moving from Illinois to California, we sold most of our books. We are both voracious readers, so we had a lot of books, but books are heavy, and these were books we’d read already, so why take them with across the country?

We boxed them up – several boxes worth – and brought them to a local bookstore that bought and sold used books. I’d say there were maybe 50 books in all. Many were like brand-new, read once and then put on the shelf. Many were hardcover in shiny book jackets.

The bookstore people unboxed the books and we looked around the store while they went through them. Finally, they said they’d give us $20 for them. We thought that seemed low, but not wanting to box them back up and bring them back home with us, we said fine and used the $20 to buy lunch.

I don’t necessarily regret the decision not to schlep all those heavy books with us to California, but I do wish I had some of them back. With sports canceled due to the pandemic and people being told to stay at home, reading has suddenly become my #1 recreational activity.

Before the pandemic, we got most of our books from the library. When the library announced it was closing, I took out several books to tide me over. One was a book I used to own.

I’m now on the last of the three books I took out. I don’t see the library reopening anytime soon. This is why I now wish I had my old books. Something to think about if you ever consider getting rid of yours.