Retail Crap

Published January 15, 2020

Having written a book about corporate life, I am now turning my attention to the retail world. My own experience in retail is limited. I worked three years as a stock boy/shipping clerk for a women’s clothing store in high school. My wife, on the other hand, has worked in retail her whole life, and still does as a manager (or “leader” as they’re called now) at our local Target.

The abuse corporate employees endure as described in Corporate Crap: Lessons Learned from 40 Years in Corporate America is nothing compared to what my wife experiences each day. From “no call, no shows” – employees who simply don’t show up – to shoplifters who are indignant when they get caught, I don’t know how she maintains her sanity.

Customers (or “guests” as they’re called now) insist on using coupons that expired years ago. They want money back for merchandise that’s either used, stolen, or not from that store, with no receipts. They feel entitled to berate sales people as if it were a God-given right.

This is the world my wife lives in. Since we can’t afford for her to retire yet, I am picking her brain and doing some additional research for a follow-up to Corporate Crap, tentatively titled Retail Crap. I’ve been working on it for a while, but the move to California slowed me down a bit. I’ll make it fun. I promise that. But it won’t be pretty.