Florida I can see. But Indiana?

Published January 8, 2020

Last year, my wife and I became statistics. We became two of the nearly quarter-million people who have moved from Illinois to another state in the last six years. Oft-cited reasons include taxes, weather and crime (especially in Chicago, where we hail from).

We didn’t leave for any of these reasons, although I must say, we’re enjoying the weather here in southern California. We moved to be nearer to the kids and grand kids. One set already lived in California and the other aspires to. Neither lived in Illinois nor planned to ever move back.

What I find most interesting about the other people who moved from Illinois to another state in the last six years is that the largest number – nearly 26,000 – moved to Indiana. Out of all the other states they could have moved to, Indiana?

Florida was second, with nearly 24,000 transplants, which I can see, given the sunshine and no state income tax. California was fourth, after Texas and ahead of Wisconsin. I’ve never wanted to live in Texas, but Wisconsin (Madison in particular) would be my first choice if I were to stay in the Midwest.

But we love California. We miss some of the food in Chicago — the Vienna stands, pizza and steak houses – but here we can grill our own food all year long, surrounded by mountains and blue sky.

And the granddaughter. Before moving here, we’d seen her once, in February, when she was two months old. Now we see her every Sunday.

It doesn’t get better than that, folks, no matter where you live.