My dog’s name is Boomer

Published January 3, 2020

I’ve recently learned the term “Boomer” is being used as a derogatory moniker for my generation. Doesn’t bother me. I don’t feel guilty about being born in the 1950s. I wrote a book about it. My wife and I even named our dog Boomer. That’s right. Generational pride manifested in an energetic, overly friendly 90-pound black lab.

Boomer is 8-1/2 years old. If he were human, he’d be about 60. That would make him born around 1960, well within the 1946-1964 window known as the Baby Boom. More than 80 million of us entered the world during that time, still the greatest period population growth in U.S. history.

Of course, taking my tongue out of my cheek, I must admit that we named Boomer more for his personality and physical persona (or should it be “dogsona”?) than for our generation. More than once, he has burst through drywall chasing a ball. He routinely knocks over our toddler granddaughter with his tail. When he is happy to see you (as in always), that’s when he can do some real damage.

That’s really why we named our dog Boomer. For us, it’s a term of affection. So, call us Boomers all you want. Doesn’t bother me. I’ve been called worse.