Excerpt from “Corporate Crap” – Chapter 14: Engagement

Published December 28, 2018

Would you marry your company?

Experts say you must have an engaged workforce to be an effective
company. This is why companies spend zillions of dollars and
countless man-hours on employee engagement surveys. We know
companies don’t like to throw money around based on how
generous they are in compensating their rank and file. So they must
really believe engagement surveys are critical to their success.

I never heard of engagement surveys when I started working.
There were employee satisfaction surveys, I suppose, but this stuff
wasn’t nearly as scientific as it is today. Of course, there were no
personal computers or Internet when I started working either. So I
did some research, and it seems that engagement—loosely defined
as how well you like your job—really does improve productivity.
This is quite a revelation, that if employees like their jobs they’ll
do better, so companies invest in these surveys to see how well
employees like their jobs…