Excerpt from “Corporate Crap” – Chapter 13: Lunch

Published December 25, 2018

Bon appétit

I’d say we’re ready for a lunch break. At least I am. When I worked
in an office environment, I was always starving by the time it was
acceptable to “take lunch.” This was because as a morning person
I would get to work by 7 a.m. when the rest of the world started
at nine. I don’t eat breakfast so I’d have to wait until at least eleven,
when the cafeteria opened, so I could eat without people looking
at me funny.

Of the many sources of stress we must deal with at work,
lunch should not be one of them. Yet, for many of us, the company
cafeteria, lunch room, break area, broom closet—wherever we are
expected to eat lunch each day—is a place we dread. It goes beyond
the normal issues of food quality, choice, cleanliness, or even the
incredible number of people who walk up to us while we’re in the
middle of a two-fisted tuna sandwich wanting to shake hands. Of
all the areas of Corporate Crap, lunchtime is one that causes many
of us to lose our appetites…