Excerpt from “Corporate Crap” – Chapter 12: Faking It

Published December 22, 2018

Shaking Hands (and other stupid protocols by
which you’re judged)

There is no end to how much we have to “fake it” in the office or
workplace. We have to pretend to like or respect people we don’t.
We have to fake interest in how people spent their weekends. We
join in group praise for others’ successes (however loosely defined)
even if we think the work sucked. I could go on forever. Acting
lessons should become standard fare at business schools.

Faking is not the same thing as lying. Faking is more a necessary
evil in the business world. When you call in sick when you’re not,
that’s lying. Being polite to rude clients or customers because you
have to, that’s faking it. Sometimes faking it is good for you. They’ve
done studies that show when you fake being happy, you actually
end up being happier than people who don’t fake it…