Excerpt from “Corporate Crap” – Chapter 9: Meetings

Published December 13, 2018

Companies’ biggest time-suck

When asked what the biggest time-waster is in their workday, most
employees say meetings. A Harris Poll survey showed the average
American worker spends more than nine hours a week preparing
for or sitting through meetings, and this seems low to me. For
some in corporate America, life is nothing but an endless series
of meetings. It has been estimated that approximately 11 million
meetings are held each day in the United States, and this, too, seems
low. It also has been estimated that a third of these meetings are
unproductive. I don’t know how they measure productivity, but I’d
have thought at least two-thirds of all meetings would be deemed
unproductive. Another statistic: unproductive meetings cost U.S.
business about $40 billion a year…