Excerpt from “Corporate Crap” – Chapter 1: Indoctrination

Published November 19, 2018

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I joined the corporate world in 1978 with a degree in journalism
from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. There were three ways
I could have gone to start my career: advertising, public relations or
newspapers. The only area of journalism I did not pursue in college
was broadcasting.

Starting pay for a newspaper reporter was notoriously low and
you usually had to start at the bottom, like writing obits for two years.
But the main reason I didn’t pursue a job as a newspaper reporter
was because I worked as one for The Daily Cardinal, UW-Madison’s
student newspaper, and I hated it. I’m not sure which assignment
I hated most—interviewing a mother who had just lost a child
in an accident, trying to make sense of the goings-on at a latenight
city council meeting, or getting grilled by Secret Service at
a Republican rally during the 1976 presidential race—but it was
enough to turn me off to that life.